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Day Two: ‘In the Kitchen’ Giveaway and Recipe Preview!

Welcome to all of my new subscribers! I’m so happy to have you!

Today is the second day of the promotion for In the Kitchen – Real Food Basics, and I have a great recipe to share with you. But first…

I want to share with you the Table of Contents from the e-book. Take a look at all of the fabulous information contained in this helpful book! Continue reading


Accidental Stir-fry (Or “I’m Getting It!”)

Although I have always loved cooking and am the sole meal-preparer in my home, there was one thing I never quite got. It amazed me when people would say they cleaned out their fridge and made a soup with “whatever was in there,” or that they would cook once and use the leftovers for five other new and different meals. Being able to do that eluded me.

I’m very good at choosing recipes (an important skill, and one that makes everyone think I’m a fantastic cook!), and reasonably good at following them. I love to make my meal plans in advance. But as I get further along this journey into healthy, traditional eating, this becomes more difficult, mostly because of food sourcing. We get our meat from one farm, which delivers locally every 5 weeks (and of course requires orders well in advance). We get our dairy from another farm, delivered locally once a week and ordered at least a week in advance. And then we get our veggies and fruit from our CSA, which delivers locally once every two weeks (on a different day from the dairy, of course, otherwise this would all be slightly convenient), and those we don’t get to choose. The farmer (and the weather) choose those for us. So, putting together meals and plans has seemed… impossible. But last night I made some headway… and it was DELICIOUS! Continue reading

Arrogance Fatigue (plus a recipe!)

This past Saturday I attended an Adrenal Fatigue Workshop. Overall, it was very disappointing so I don’t have much to share about that, but if you would like some good information on this important topic please click here or here (excellent posts by Modern Alternative Mama and The Healthy Home Economist). The young lady running the workshop was very sweet, but in trying to stick to the basics (I suppose) she made it very generic, and could have been talking about any disorder, or just eating vaguely well in general. During the ‘Solutions’ portion, she missed some of the most important changes one can make (such swapping table salt for mineral-rich sea salt).

Beyond my disappointment with the workshop, though, was my disappointment with the attendees. Continue reading